About Us

Our firm, Business of English, is highly qualified to teach Business English to executives and business minded people.

Our CEO and head instructor is Izzy Leizerowitz.

Izzy has an extensive business background. His current projects include bringing businesses and opportunities together in several markets between Israeli Startups and the USA. He has previously been involved in sectors such as Startups, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Consulting, and Virtual Assistant Services.

Izzy has previously held senior positions in business development, management, consulting, sales, and project management at global enterprises that include Bell Laboratories, Bank of New York, AEA Investors, Global Crossing, Walsh-Lowe, and Associates, and Boston Portfolio Advisors.

Izzy has also co-founded a virtual assistant business, www.jfyvirtual.com, offering companies of all sizes an opportunity to free themselves of time-consuming regular administration and assistant related tasks, allowing them to spend more time to work on growing their business and focus on strategic issues.

Izzy is currently certified as a TEFL/TESOL English instructor by Bridge Education group, with a specialization in teaching Business English either in person or on the phone or online.
About Us