Business Of English provides customized and unique English language instruction for you and your valued employees so that you can maximize your team's skills and experience as you navigate the global marketplace.

Our students practice business writing, negotiating, instant messaging, and how to lead Zoom and conference calls comfortably. We introduce our students to meaningful Business English expressions and phrases with real-life scenerios.

English Language Instruction For A Global Economy
Improves Internal and External Communication
Business English instruction will enhance the overall experience for your customers, eliminate bottlenecks for cross cultural teams, and prepare employees and senior management for international events, travel, or internet meetings.

Allows For Expansion Into New Markets
As you expand into new markets, remember that your employees on the ground are your best brand ambassadors. Speaking and understanding Business English will help turn language barriers into bridges when cultivating valuable international opportunities.
How language training can transform your business

English At Work

This course follow activities that occur in an office. It includes everything from filling out applications, customer service, placing orders, attending marketing meetings, and taking and making phone calls.

Business Matters

This course follows a day in the life of a senior executive. It includes interviewing candidates, making a sales or investor presentation, editing important documents, handling negotiations, and following up on social media with marketing.

Reading In English

Our reading course focuses on students learning to read proposals, read and understand RFPs (Requests For Price/Quote), read simple sales agreements and contracts, and also read emails, texts, and tweets.

Writing In English

Students will learn to write persuasive emails, how to write an effective business letter, how to fill out forms, how to write effective tweets, and also how to write blog posts.

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Our firm, Business of English, is highly qualified to teach Business English to executives and business minded people.

Our CEO and head instructor is Izzy Leizerowitz.

Izzy has an extensive business background. His current projects include bringing businesses and opportunities together in several markets between Israeli Startups and the USA. He has previously been involved in sectors such as Startups, Telecommunications, Financial Services, Consulting, and Virtual Assistant Services.

Izzy has previously held senior positions in business development, management, consulting, sales, and project management at global enterprises that include Bell Laboratories, Bank of New York, AEA Investors, Global Crossing, Walsh-Lowe, and Associates, and Boston Portfolio Advisors.

Izzy has also co-founded a virtual assistant business,, offering companies of all sizes an opportunity to free themselves of time-consuming regular administration and assistant related tasks, allowing them to spend more time to work on growing their business and focus on strategic issues.

Izzy is currently certified as a TEFL/TESOL English instructor by Bridge Education group, with a specialization in teaching Business English either in person or on the phone or online.
About Us
Our Business English course covers many different topics that take place in business settings, both in and out of the office. We want you to make our instruction relevant to your needs so please share with us your focus and priorities. We will then review your responses and contact you to further discuss how we can make this your course.


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